International Film Bulletin: Knives Out Is Sure to Make a Sequel, The Golden Globe Awards Were Announced

  1. Knives OutIs Sure to Make a Sequel

According to media reports, the suspense film Knives Out with a good reputation and box office will shoot a sequel. At the Golden Globe’s Preheating Party, director Rian Craig Johnson revealed that he is working on a sequel Knives Out, which will revolve around a new case taken over by Daniel Craig’s private detective Blanc.

  1. Hans Zimmer Will Score 007:No Time To Die

On January 7, Hans Zimmer, a famous music master, will serve as the music composer of 007: No Time to Die. Previously, Hans Zimmer was a soundtrack for the films like Inception, The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean. Among the films released in 2020, Hans Zimmer’s works in the soundtrack also include Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun: Maverick and Dune.